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How to process a order ? 

1: First You need to know what product and what form you need, Better with each quantity. Then confirm the order items with us via email, leaving message on the web table or instant message tools on the website below.  so that we can give you exact quotation expediently , which means you can get reply as soon as possible.

PS1: there is no online shopping link for this business.

PS2: We don’t supply finished steroids in 10ml vials, no finished tablets, pills, gels or Cream yet.     But OEM Semi-finished Bulk Steroid Solution is available. It is cost-effective and profitable for those who don’t know how to make or cook steroids by themselves.

PS3: We may Ignore some emails or messages which is just for asking all products & price list only. Nobody will order all handred kinds of different stuffs. Pls first Search what you need on our website.


Confirm your order items, calculate payment amount.  Total Value = Stuffs Prices + Freight Cost


Choose Best Payment Method and Make it.  then let us know your payment details (identifiable information ) ASAP, because we need to know which payment is from which customer. 


Confirm correct and complete delivery address so that we can process and post the order . 


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