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Payment Terms – Zhuhai Wumei Technology Co., Ltd.

Our company accept Western Union,Money Gram,Bitcoin and Bank Trasfer.

Pls choose one of your preferred payment term for your order.


We can only accept Bank Transfer, Western Union and Money Gram and BitCoin.


Sorry for the inconvenience but Credit card or Paypal or cash on delivery is not available.

It is not suitable payment method for this type of business.


MoneyGram and Western Union take only tens minutes if everything is right.

After confirmation payment, we will send out package and send you email.


Yes, always keep a photo of your transaction. For sure send it to us as soon as possible.

Payment Process Guide:


Western union Account Payment option :

Western union is very convenient and fast to pay small payment, it is widely used and accepted.

Western union is aimed to pay between relatives and friend, not for business use.When you pay for

money, please claim as sending money to your friend or buy some daily goods (not for business use) Otherwise they will not allow the money to send successfully.

Ps: Pls remember Whatever currency you send, pls set USD cash picking up.  That will be much more convenient for us.

If you have more question about Western Union, pls check their website or call service in your country. they will help you .


MoneyGram Payment Option :

MoneyGram is also aimed to pay between relatives and friend, not for business use.Coz it is very

convenient and fast to pay by small payment, it is widely used and accepted.When you pay by

Silimar to Wstern Union, If they ask a reason, Better to claim as sending money to your friend not for business use, Otherwise it may fail and be returned back to you.

Attention:  if you send the money in a fictitious sender name , it can’t be returned back to you when the money transfer fail.  that means you would lose money in this case.

If you have more question about Moneygram, pls check their website or call service in your country. they will help you .

 Bitcoin Payment

Bitcoin Payment option details:

Bitcoin payment option is widely accepted by some users who prefer safest and fast payment method. It is not traceable by any one, in other words: no one knows you have made payment , which can protect your privacy.  Besides, whatever a big or small payment amount, there is no limit.

For current available bitcoin wallet address, pls contact us. 

Attention:  double check before sending out, do not send wrongly. We are not resiponsible for your wrong sending. Never make a bitcoin transfer without a wallet address confirmation first even you are a Frequent customer.

2: Send correct Bitcoin amount based on current Bitcoin price. (Current bitcoin Price checking  on  another bitcoin site :

Info us the bitcoin amout sent , Transactions code,  or screenshort with those payment pages.


Bank Wire Payment Option :

Bank wire Payment method is accepted by us. It is more convenient for transaction of a big amount payment which is beyond the limit of Western Union or Moneygram . Bank wire will need around 3 working days to arrive our end. But we met sometimes it cost 1-2 weeks .

A Wise Payment Suggestion when pay by bank wire:
While you pay by bank wire, the declaration to  claim as gift, travel, service, salary or brokerage. Or something normal…Then the bank wire checking will be smoother a lot in both end.

Pls Contact us for Bank Account information details.



Pls Note:All of our quotations of order are not included money transfer service fee. Pls make sure we can receive whole payment amount that cover your whole order items and shipping. If we get only part payment because of any handling fee or else, we have to send part goods in that value. 


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